Source code for apstools.synApps.epid

Ophyd support for the EPICS epid record

Public Structures

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.. note:: Keep in mind a bug report suggests an update to this database.

from ophyd import Component
from ophyd import EpicsSignal
from ophyd import EpicsSignalRO

from ._common import EpicsRecordDeviceCommonAll
from ._common import EpicsRecordFloatFields
from .sseq import SseqRecord
from .swait import SwaitRecord

[docs]class EpidRecord(EpicsRecordFloatFields, EpicsRecordDeviceCommonAll): """ EPICS synApps epid record support in ophyd .. index:: Ophyd Device; synApps EpidRecord :see: """ controlled_value_link = Component(EpicsSignal, ".INP", kind="config") controlled_value = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".CVAL", kind="config") readback_trigger_link = Component(EpicsSignal, ".TRIG", kind="config") readback_trigger_link_value = Component(EpicsSignal, ".TVAL", kind="config") setpoint_location = Component(EpicsSignal, ".STPL", kind="config") setpoint_mode_select = Component(EpicsSignal, ".SMSL", kind="config") output_location = Component(EpicsSignal, ".OUTL", kind="config") feedback_on = Component(EpicsSignal, ".FBON", kind="config") proportional_gain = Component(EpicsSignal, ".KP", kind="config") integral_gain = Component(EpicsSignal, ".KI", kind="config") derivative_gain = Component(EpicsSignal, ".KD", kind="config") following_error = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".ERR", kind="config") output_value = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".OVAL", kind="config") final_value = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".VAL", kind="normal") calculated_P = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".P", kind="config") calculated_I = Component(EpicsSignal, ".I", kind="config") calculated_D = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".D", kind="config") time_difference = Component(EpicsSignal, ".DT", kind="config") minimum_delta_time = Component(EpicsSignal, ".MDT", kind="config") # limits imposed by the record support: # .LOPR <= .OVAL <= .HOPR # .LOPR <= .I <= .HOPR high_limit = Component(EpicsSignal, ".DRVH", kind="config") low_limit = Component(EpicsSignal, ".DRVL", kind="config") @property def value(self): return self.output_value.get()
[docs]class Fb_EpidDatabase(EpidRecord): """ EPICS synApps optics fb_epid database support in ophyd. .. see: """ final_value = None # replace final_value (RO) with setpoint (R/W) setpoint = Component(EpicsSignal, ".VAL", kind="config") on = Component(EpicsSignal, ":on", string=True, kind="config") feedback_on = Component(EpicsSignalRO, ".FBON", string=True, kind="omitted") enable_calc = Component(SwaitRecord, ":enable") in_calc = Component(SwaitRecord, ":in") obuf_calc = Component(SwaitRecord, ":obuf") out_calc = Component(SwaitRecord, ":out") resume_calc = Component(SwaitRecord, ":resume") outpv = Component(SseqRecord, ":outpv") @property def is_feedback_on(self): return str(self.feedback_on.get()).lower() in ("on", 1)
[docs]class Fb_EpidDatabaseHeaterSimulator(Fb_EpidDatabase): """ Heater simulator in EPICS synApps optics fb_epid database. """ sim_calc = Component(SwaitRecord, ":sim") def setup(self, scan=".2 second", Kp=0.0004, Ki=0.5, T0=25.5): for obj in ( self.enable_calc, self.in_calc, self.obuf_calc, self.out_calc, self.resume_calc, self.sim_calc, self, ): # change from default ("I/O Intr" which is incorrect for swait records) obj.scanning_rate.put(scan) self.sim_calc.channels.H.input_value.put(0.1) # simulated temperature sensor noise variation self.sim_calc.calculation.put("max(A,F*(1-B)+C*D*G+H*(RNDM-.5))") # add random noise self.sim_calc.precision.put(2) # temperature good to 2 digits self.high_limit.put(1.0) # epid can ramp power up to 100% max self.proportional_gain.put(Kp) self.integral_gain.put(Ki) self.setpoint.put(T0) self.on.put("on") # turn on the temperature control def reset(self): self.on.put("off") # turn off the temperature control for obj in ( self.enable_calc, self.in_calc, self.obuf_calc, self.out_calc, self.resume_calc, self.sim_calc, self, ): obj.scanning_rate.put("Passive") readback = self.sim_calc.channels.F.input_value.get() self.setpoint.put(round(readback, 1)) self.proportional_gain.put(0) # Kp self.integral_gain.put(0) # Ki self.high_limit.put(1.0) # epid can ramp power up to 100% max self.sim_calc.channels.H.input_value.put(0.1) # simulated temperature sensor noise variation
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # :author: Pete R. Jemian # :email: # :copyright: (c) 2017-2024, UChicago Argonne, LLC # # Distributed under the terms of the Argonne National Laboratory Open Source License. # # The full license is in the file LICENSE.txt, distributed with this software. # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------