The apstools package is available for installation by conda, pip, or from source.


If you are using Anaconda Python and have conda installed, install the most recent version with this command:

$ conda install -c conda-forge apstools


Released versions of apstools are available on PyPI.

If you have pip installed, then you can install:

$ pip install apstools


The latest development versions of apstools can be downloaded from the GitHub repository listed above:

$ git clone

To install in the standard Python location:

$ cd apstools
$ python install

To install in user’s home directory:

$ python install --user

To install in an alternate location:

$ python install --prefix=/path/to/installation/dir

Required Libraries#

The repository’s environment.yml file lists the additional packages required by apstools. Most packages are available as conda packages from The others are available on Among the required packages:

  • python>=3.7

  • bluesky, databroker, ophyd

  • h5py

  • pandas

  • pyEpics

  • pyqt=5

  • pyRestTable

  • qt=5

  • spec2nexus

  • xlrd