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sscan Record plans

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import time
from collections import OrderedDict

from bluesky import plan_stubs as bps
from ophyd import DeviceStatus

from .doc_run import write_stream

new_data = False  # sscan has new data, boolean
inactive_deadline = 0  # sscan timeout, absolute time.time()

def _get_sscan_data_objects(sscan):
    prepare a dictionary of the "interesting" ophyd data objects for this sscan


        *Device* :
        one EPICS sscan record (instance of `apstools.synApps.sscanRecord`)

    scan_data_objects = OrderedDict()
    for part in (sscan.positioners, sscan.detectors):
        for chname in part.read_attrs:
            if not chname.endswith("_value"):
            obj = getattr(part, chname)
            key = + "_")
            scan_data_objects[key] = obj
    return scan_data_objects

[docs]def sscan_1D( sscan, poll_delay_s=0.001, phase_timeout_s=60.0, running_stream="primary", final_array_stream=None, device_settings_stream="settings", md=None, ): """ simple 1-D scan using EPICS synApps sscan record .. index:: Bluesky Plan; sscan_1D assumes the sscan record has already been setup properly for a scan PARAMETERS sscan *Device* : one EPICS sscan record (instance of `apstools.synApps.sscanRecord`) running_stream *str* : or `None` (default: ``"primary"``) Name of document stream to write positioners and detectors data made available while the sscan is running. This is typically the scan data, row by row. If set to `None`, this stream will not be written. final_array_stream *str* or ``None`` : Name of document stream to write positioners and detectors data posted *after* the sscan has ended. If set to `None`, this stream will not be written. (default: ``None``) device_settings_stream *str* or ``None`` : Name of document stream to write *settings* of the sscan device. This is all the information returned by ````. If set to `None`, this stream will not be written. (default: ``"settings"``) poll_delay_s *float* : How long to sleep during each polling loop while collecting interim data values and waiting for sscan to complete. Must be a number between zero and 0.1 seconds. (default: 0.001 seconds) phase_timeout_s *float* : How long to wait after last update of the ``sscan.FAZE``. When scanning, we expect the scan phase to update regularly as positioners move and detectors are triggered. If the scan hangs for some reason, this is a way to end the plan early. To cancel this feature, set it to ``None``. (default: 60 seconds) NOTE about the document stream names Make certain the names for the document streams are different from each other. If you make them all the same (such as ``primary``), you will have difficulty when reading your data later on. *Don't cross the streams!* EXAMPLE Assume that the chosen sscan record has already been setup. from apstools.devices import sscanDevice scans = sscanDevice(P, name="scans") from apstools.plans import sscan_1D RE(sscan_1D(scans.scan1), md=dict(purpose="demo")) """ global new_data, inactive_deadline if not (0 <= poll_delay_s <= 0.1): # fmt: off raise ValueError( "poll_delay_s must be a number between 0 and 0.1," f" received {poll_delay_s}" ) # fmt: on t0 = time.time() sscan_status = DeviceStatus(sscan.execute_scan) started = False new_data = False inactive_deadline = time.time() if phase_timeout_s is not None: inactive_deadline += phase_timeout_s def execute_cb(value, timestamp, **kwargs): """watch for sscan to complete""" if started and value in (0, "IDLE"): sscan_status._finished() sscan.execute_scan.unsubscribe_all() sscan.scan_phase.unsubscribe_all() def phase_cb(value, timestamp, **kwargs): """watch for new data""" global new_data, inactive_deadline if phase_timeout_s is not None: inactive_deadline = time.time() + phase_timeout_s if value in (15, "RECORD SCALAR DATA"): new_data = True # set flag for main plan # acquire only the channels with non-empty configuration in EPICS sscan.select_channels() # pre-identify the configured channels sscan_data_objects = _get_sscan_data_objects(sscan) # watch for sscan to complete sscan.execute_scan.subscribe(execute_cb) # watch for new data to be read out sscan.scan_phase.subscribe(phase_cb) _md = dict(plan_name="sscan_1D") _md.update(md or {}) uid = yield from bps.open_run(_md) # start data collection yield from, 1) # start sscan started = True # collect and emit data, wait for sscan to end while not sscan_status.done or new_data: if new_data and running_stream is not None: yield from write_stream(sscan_data_objects.values(), running_stream) new_data = False if phase_timeout_s is not None and time.time() > inactive_deadline: print(f"No change in sscan record for {phase_timeout_s} seconds.") print("ending plan early as unsuccessful") sscan_status._finished(success=False) yield from bps.sleep(poll_delay_s) # dump the complete data arrays if final_array_stream is not None: # fmt: off yield from write_stream( [ # TODO: write just the acquired data, not the FULL arrays! getattr(part, nm).array # we have to search for the arrays since they have ``kind="omitted"`` # (which means they do not get reported by the ``.read()`` method) for part in (sscan.positioners, sscan.detectors) for nm in part.read_attrs if "." not in nm ], final_array_stream ) # fmt: on # dump the entire sscan record into another stream if device_settings_stream is not None: yield from write_stream(sscan, device_settings_stream) yield from bps.close_run() elapsed = time.time() - t0 print(f"total time for sscan_1D: {elapsed} s") return uid
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # :author: Pete R. Jemian # :email: # :copyright: (c) 2017-2024, UChicago Argonne, LLC # # Distributed under the terms of the Argonne National Laboratory Open Source License. # # The full license is in the file LICENSE.txt, distributed with this software. # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------