Source code for apstools.plans.input_plan

Request user input in a plan

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Wrap ``bps.input_plan()`` to *ask* the user a question.

import bluesky.plan_stubs as bps

[docs]def request_input(msg="", default="n", agree="y", bypass=False): """ Request input from the user. Returns ``True`` if confirmed. Return whether (lower case) the response from user (or default) starts with the text of ``agree`` or ``bypass is True``. PARAMETERS msg str: Message text to be printed. (default: ``""``) default str: Default response if user accepts default. (default: ``"n"``) agree (str or list): User (or default) response must start with this text for ``True``. If a list of strings is provided, response must match (lower case) one of the strings in the list. (default: ``"y"``) bypass bool: Allow for automated plans to bypass this request in-place. (default: ``False``) New in release 1.6.6 """ match = False if not bypass: # note: caller should write ``msg`` to show the value(s) that match ``agree`` full_text = f"{msg} [{default}] " r = yield from bps.input_plan(full_text) print(f"Response: {r = }") if len(r) == 0: r = default r = r.lower() if isinstance(agree, str): match = r.startswith(agree) elif isinstance(agree, list): match = r in [str(l).lower() for l in agree] else: raise TypeError(f"Unhandled type: agree={agree}") return bypass or match
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # :author: Pete R. Jemian # :email: # :copyright: (c) 2017-2024, UChicago Argonne, LLC # # Distributed under the terms of the Argonne National Laboratory Open Source License. # # The full license is in the file LICENSE.txt, distributed with this software. # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------