Landing page for the documentation of various releases including latest and development.

Documentation versions

label URL comment(s)
Overview https://bcda-aps.github.io/apstools/latest/overview.html most recent tagged release
unreleased https://bcda-aps.github.io/apstools/dev/overview.html development version (from main branch)

Select between different versions via a dropdown menu at the top/left of any page. But keep in mind the dropdown menu was only added after the 1.6.9 version so, earlier versions won't have it.

Where is the documentation?

Starting with the 1.6.10 release, a new feature was added with the 1.6.10 release to the documentation that changes all the URLs for apstools. The feature provides access to documentation for selected previous tagged releases.

If you came to this page looking for the documentation, add /latest to the URL in the address bar, such as the examples above.